Fine Artist.

Since his earliest memory, the visual dimension and its possibilities have been the primary point of engagement and fascination in Paul’s life. After graduating from the Fine Arts College in Trivandrum, Kerala, Paul went on to be an Art Director in Advertising before moving into the field of animation. He was Director – Development at Toonz Animation, India’s premier animation studio, and later worked with Marvel Studios in LA. After this, for a short while, Paul moved into UI Design before deciding to dive deeper into the fine arts.

Regardless of not knowing what the scope and prospects of this would be, Paul is compulsively drawn to a sphere that is in some parts reflective of his first love – the inseparable mix of visual, technology and sci-fi.

In this realm, he is unable to draw from a pre-planned, cognitive conscious state… rather, always beginning on one part of the canvas where a small glimmer appears and then allowing the bigger image to unfold through him. Being witness to a reflection of that vibration, that is ever changing, and eternal – expressing itself.

The current series is entitled “Frequency Flux”.